Spring is in the Air!

As we approach the end of another school year, I wonder where the time has gone. Each day brings new adventures and fun, like our impromptu picnics in the backyard or our silly dance parties in the living room, as we continue to live day by day.

Sometimes we forget in our busy lives trying to fit in all the activities and dinner and carpooling and sports to stop and just appreciate the small, beautiful moments in life, like watching our children play or sharing a laugh together.

Take each day and live it! Relish in the memories of each moment with your children, for one day, they will be grown up and we will be sitting in our rocking chairs, fondly recalling these precious times.

I can't believe that September is almost over!
The children have all been adapting well to masks, sanitizing, social distancing etc.
What a bunch of troopers.
Each day brings us new challenges and adventures, but I know together we will make it through.
Please take the time on September 30, to reflect and remember all those who lost their lives at the hands of residential schools. Our hearts go to all those who lost love ones and who are still trying to deal with those terrible losses. Talk to your children and encourage peace, love and understanding because we all matter!

Summer at Razorback!

Summer is well underway and the children are adapting to our "new normal" that includes social distancing, staying home when you are sick and A LOT of hand washing and sanitizer.

I think sometimes it is way easier for the children to adapt to new situations as they seem to continue through their days as though nothing has changed or is different.

We have started our new video club and the older school age children have been bust taking many photos and videos of all the events throughout the summer.

One of the highlights of July was our outdoor fun day. We had a hot dog roast, body painting, pool time, sprinkler time, bubble painting and a huge thank you to "Fantastic Foam Parties" for the amazing foam machine. A fabulous day was had by all!

Crazy Times!

So here we are in these very unsettled times! A time when we really don't have any answers and we are just trying to go with the flow...

Currently we are open to 16 School Age children and when that will change, we are all still so unsure.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy. We miss all our kiddos a lot!!!

Remember... Wash your hands!

Happy New Year!

Razorback is very happy to be celebrating! We received a grant from to buy a commercial dishwasher and stove!  The children will be enjoying baked snacks and we will be finally helping out the environment by using reusable dishes!


We are currently accepting kindergarten children for the new school year (2019-2020) Please pass this along and have any one interested call or email the daycare. Interested families may also leave a message in the comments section! We also currently have some kindergarten spots available for Springfield Heights and Maple Leaf Schools, however, please contact daycare for transportation availability.

On a more serious note... daycare staff have been noticing that many children are arriving at daycare with missing outdoor gear (hats, mitts etc) It is very important (especially now) to dress appropriately. The children go outside everyday at school and we try and go outside too! Please kindly remind your children to bring ALL their winter attire!



The kids here at Razorback are very busy making decorations for our Christmas Tree! We have made Popsicle stick snowmen, trees and "Rudolph" Some of the Kindergarten children made "salt dough" creations.   We may even have a visit from the jolly fellow himself...

Ho Ho Ho

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to The Razorback BLASTS Inc. daycare blog.

Here you will find information about what we have been doing around daycare, I will also post craft ideas, what worked and what didn’t turn out so… umm… not so great…

I will start by saying that this is new to me… I have never written a blog before let alone create a web site ( i am very proud of myself) because I am not what the world would call “tech savvy” So here goes…

Last week the kids here at daycare created beautiful “gingerbread” houses. These where made from the square graham wafers and royal icing. They turned out great (once I got the swing of things) Some of the houses needed to be held together until the icing dried… (45 mins) so that didn’t give us much time for all the other crafts that we supposed to make.

My advice… the houses were fun to build, but if you are planning to do them, don’t plan anything else… lol

Stay Tuned…