Happy New Year!

Razorback is very happy to be celebrating! We received a grant from to buy a commercial dishwasher and stove!  The children will be enjoying baked snacks and we will be finally helping out the environment by using reusable dishes!


We are currently accepting kindergarten children for the new school year (2019-2020) Please pass this along and have any one interested call or email the daycare. Interested families may also leave a message in the comments section! We also currently have some kindergarten spots available for Springfield Heights and Maple Leaf Schools, however, please contact daycare for transportation availability.

On a more serious note... daycare staff have been noticing that many children are arriving at daycare with missing outdoor gear (hats, mitts etc) It is very important (especially now) to dress appropriately. The children go outside everyday at school and we try and go outside too! Please kindly remind your children to bring ALL their winter attire!